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Road map to become Azure expert

Implement and Monitor an Azure Infrastructure (50-55%)

  1. Implement cloud infrastructure monitoring
    • monitor performance
      • configure diagnostic settings on resources
      • create a performance baseline for resources
      • monitor for unused resources
      • monitor performance capacity
      • visualize diagnostics data using Azure Monitor
    • monitor health and availability
      • monitor networking
      • monitor service health
    • monitor cost
      • monitor spend
      • report on spend
    • configure advanced logging
      • implement and configure Azure Monitor insights, including App Insights, Networks, Containers
      • configure a Log Analytics workspace
      • configure logging for workloads
    • initiate automated responses by using Action Groups
    • configure and manage advanced alerts
      • collect alerts and metrics across multiple subscriptions
      • view Alerts in Azure Monitor logs
    • NOT: create Log Analytics query
  2. Implement storage accounts
  3. Implement VMs for Windows and Linux
  4. Automate deployment and configuration of resources
  5. Implement virtual networking
  6. Implement Azure Active Directory
  7. Implement and manage hybrid identities

Implement Management and Security Solutions (25-30%)

  1. Manage workloads in Azure
  2. Implement load balancing and network security
  3. Implement and manage Azure governance solutions
  4. Manage security for applications

Implement Solutions for Apps (10- 15%)

  1. Implement an application infrastructure
  2. Implement container-based applications

Implement and Manage Data Platforms (10-15%)

  1. Implement NoSQL databases
  2. Implement Azure SQL databases